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Promising To Bring Forth Quality Tested BG 40 Cartridge Bags, Mens Leather Belt , Dog Fancy Collars, Gun Butt Covers & More In The Market!

About Us 

We, Olive Overseas, are a unique business concern. We are not focusing on meeting a single type of requirements of clients in the market, instead, we are bringing forth a diverse assortment. From blanket carriers to dog collars, our company offers a range like no other. Our specialty lies in designing impressive collection of Dog Fancy Collars, BG 40 Cartridge Bags, Gun Butt Covers, etc. Daily, we make sure that each of the product is manufactured in adherence to the quality standards applicable to the respective product. This focus on quality allows us to satisfy a diverse clientele, on a regular basis. 

We are a proud manufacturer and exporter, who never ceases to amaze the clients. Today, we are supported by a large clientele from across the globe. 99% of our stock is offered to international clients based in different parts of the world. They support us because we offer them the best; the most reliable products and best in class customer support. 

Why Trust Us?

  • Honest & Ethical: We are a company that values honesty and strong business ethics. Performing in this manner, we strive to safeguard the interest of clients and attain maximum customer satisfaction. 
  • Punctual: When people say time is money, they are absolutely right. If orders are not delivered on time, they can cause huge damage to the clients. This is the reason, we always work in a punctual manner to provide maximum gratification to clients. 
  • Quality Conscious: Every day, our company promises to offer clients with a quality accredited range. The Gun Butt Covers, Dog Fancy Collars, etc., that we offer are carefully quality tested by experts and assured to have perfect compliance with the international standards. 

Our Mission 

The mission of our Uttar Pradesh (India) established business enterprise is to become a name that is trusted by all. Instead of becoming a leader in target industries, we rather wish to become a favorite of clients. Our company focuses on growing our customer base rather than profit maximization. This approach has led to our past success in the market, we plan to continue working in this manner to become more popular among clients. 

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